3D Printed Dire Rat Rider by Archvillain Games

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Scaled to 50mm base

3D Printed Fantasy/Sci Fi 3D Resin Miniature pictured. Intended for wargames and tabletop RPG’s. All miniatures are printed on state of the art 12k Printers using high quality ABS-like resin. All minis are printed in a “tabletop size” unless another size is requested or selected.

Photos depicting a Primaris space marine are strictly for size comparison purposes. The miniature for sale is not affiliated in any way with Games Workshop

We are officially licensed and authorized to sell all prints by their respective designers

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. We clean/cure all miniatures and trim supports for you. Some basic cleanup will be required, no more than what you would expect from an officially licensed plastic mini. Figures do not come with a base unless it is required for the mini to stand.

Please note: Photos of printed minis have received a basecoat of gray primer. This is simply to highlight the detail. Some variation may occur in prints when renders are used for photographs.

Custom sizing available, just message us!

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