3D Printed Knight Crusader Marine Miniature by 3DArtGuy




This listing is for a made-to-order resin miniature designed by 3DArtGuy. Size is compatible with Sci-Fi tabletop.

3DArtGuy creates some of the best, most detailed proxy miniatures for games like **name changed to generic fantasy wargame**, the most popular tabletop wargame, and RPG’s. I am fortunate to be an authorized merchant with him!

My Process:
Once purchased, I will begin creating your miniature, it will be shipped to you washed and cured, only after I have examined it to make sure that you are receiving the highest quality possible.

Check out my other listings! I have tons of miniatures that work fantastically for tabletop wargames! I offer volume discounting for multiple orders. Always as an authorized seller!

Our Miniatures are fantastic to use as Proxy Models for your favorite Tabletop Wargames and are not allowed in official tournament play with “that company”. Your friends and local Game Store will likely just think you have cooler models..

Physical Models shown are for demonstration purposes only and have often received a coat of spray primer. Small differences between physical models and renders shown may occur, though we will never intentionally send you a misprinted model.

Last Hope Printing is a Licensed Merchant with 3DArtGuy, Immaterium God, Meshbrain Labs, and DakkaDakka.Store. All Miniatures are printed with permission from their original designers.Photos depicting a primaris space marine are strictly for size comparison purposes. The miniature for sale is not affiliated in any way with the Games Workshop

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